Friday, September 22, 2017

Week #6

Fremd Athletic Department has teamed up with PapaJohns and Chicago Bears

The athletic department has joined PapaJohns in a fundraising endeavor.  This is an on-line only promotion.  The code is "papafremd".  Any time you order on-line use the code and you or anyone else with receive 35% anything on the menu along with 15% back as a donation. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save some money and support Fremd Athletics.

Past Week Successes

Girls Swimming--Last night the girls swim team moved to 6-0 on the season. Emily Bolger set the pool record in the 50 and 100 freestyles; Rebecca Ballo set the pool record in the 100 breaststroke. Sophia Kuehn, Rebecca Ballo, Kristina Buzuloiu, and Emily Bolger set the pool record in the 200 Medley Relay; Sophia Kuehn, Lauren Savage, Anna Miller and Emily Bolger set the pool record in the 200 Free Relay, and Emily Bolger, Sophia Kuehn, Anna Miller and Lauren Savage set the pool record in the 400 Free relay. (6 total pool records).
This week all three relays continue to be in the top 20 in the state. 

Girls Cross Country--The team took1st place  at the Warren Invitational:   Individual award winners include:  Marisa Ban (6th), Rebecca Markham (8th), Nupur Pokharkar (9th), Hannah Ban (18th), and Clare Oehler-O’Sullivan (23rd). The Girls JV Team earned 1st Place!  Individual award winners include: Jordyn Iannuzzelli (2nd), Emily Walters (3rd), and Emily Kaphengst (5th).  The Girls Frosh-Soph Team earned 2nd Place!  Individual award winners include: Lucy Jiang (Race Champion!), and Julia LaDuke (8th).

Boys Cross Country--The Varsity team took 4th place out of 18 teams at the Warren Blue Devil Invite.  Individual award winners include:  Senior Ed Worthem placed 5th overall; Senior Matt Wallace placed 20th overall and Senior Keith Contreras won the JV race.

Head Athletic Trainer Award

Our very own Head Athletic Trainer Colin Doherty has been nominated for the Newell Award which goes to a top athletic trainer.  Use the link provided to vote for Colin as he is well deserving of this award.

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Schedule of Events for the Week of September 25th

Coaching Staff Profiles--Boys Soccer

Steve Keller--Head Boys Soccer Coach
20 years in the Physical Education/Drivers Education Department
Hobbies:  traveling, golf, crossfit

Gerry Pagnani--Varsity Assistant Boys Soccer Coach 
37 years retired from teaching
Hobbies:  golf, running, eating out at different restaurants

Bill Buelow--JV1 Boys Soccer Coach
17 years in the Special Education Department
Hobbies:  going to boys sporting events, coaching them

Nick Mamula--JV2 Boys Soccer Coach 
 8 years in the English Department
Hobbies:  my kids, golfing

Chad Jonas--Freshmen A Soccer Coach
12 years in the Business Education Department
Hobbies:  traveling, whitewater rafting, taking dog to the park

Karl Tooren--Freshmen B Soccer Coach
2 years Special Education Teacher Assistant
Hobbies:  playing soccer

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our very own Head Athletic Trainer Colin Doherty has been nominated for the Newell Award which goes to a top athletic trainer.  Use the link provided to vote for Colin as he is well deserving of this award.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Week #5

Fremd Athletic Department has teamed up with PapaJohns and Chicago Bears

The athletic department has joined PapaJohns in a fundraising endeavor.  This is an on-line only promotion.  The code is "papafremd".  Any time you order on-line use the code and you or anyone else with receive 35% anything on the menu along with 15% back as a donation. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save some money and support Fremd Athletics.

Past Week Successes

Girls Varsity Tennis--the team took 2nd in the Fremd Invite on Saturday September 9th against some state caliber teams. Individual awards went to the following:  1st doubles-Kate Bodensteiner/Julia Smiarowska 2nd place; 1st singles-Diya Matta 3rd place; 2nd doubles-Kellie Ha/Elsie Ha 2nd place; 2nd singles-Kyra Emmanouilidis 3rd place; 3rd doubles-Jane Bodensteiner/Elizabeth Lubeck 2nd place; 3rd singles-April Wu 2nd place

Girls Swimming and Diving--all 3 levels swam well against both Wheeling and Glenbrook South in dual competition.  The Varsity stands at 4-0 overall, and 2-0 in the MSL.  On Saturday, the varsity placed 4th out of 12 teams in the Lyons Township Relay Invitational. Lots of great swims at all levels and the girls are coming together well. 

Girls Cross Country--Congratulations to Coach Joe Marcin and the Girls Varsity Cross Country Team on  finishing 10th out of 40 schools a the First to the Finish Invitational in Peoria.  Marisa Ban and Rebecca Markham earned medals for finishing 34th and 39th in a field of 300 athletes.  In the girls open, the team finished 11th out of 50 schools.  Linda Iannuzzelli and Julia LaDuke earned medals for finishing 33rd and 40th in a field of 800 runners.

Schedule of Events for the Week of September 18

Coaching Staff Profiles--Cheerleading

Dana Musinski--Head Cheer Coach
1st year in Special Education Department
Hobbies:  Spending time with family, traveling, going out to dinner, having play dates with kids

Kristy Salerno--Assistant Cheer Coach
Is a teacher in District 15
Hobbies:  Spending time with family and friends, trying new places to eat, traveling

Erin Dalton--Assistant Cheer Coach
Teaches 7th grade Science at Winston Junior High in Palatine
Hobbies:  love to be outside near a body of water

Friday, September 8, 2017

Week #4

District 211 Concussion Awareness Seminar
On Thursday September 7th, District 211 held a concussion awareness seminar at Fremd High School.  Below are the links to the documents and power point presentation used in that presentation.  The concussion care protocol and D211 Head Injury Care Guidelines can also be found on the District 211 website, under Athletics.

Power Point Presentation
click here 

District 211 Concussion Care Protocol

District 211 Head Injury Care Guidelines

The district will be doing another presentation on this topic in early December. Look for that date.

Schedule of Events for the Week of September 11

Past Week Successes
Girls Tennis--Last weekend the girls tennis team won the Buffalo Grove Quad and our own Fremd Invitational.  Individual accomplishments include: 
Diya Matta--1st place at 1st singles
Kyra Emmanouilidis--1st place at 2nd singles
Kate Bodensteiner/Julia Smiarowska--1st place at 1st doubles
Elsie Ha/Kellie Ha--1st place at 2nd doubles
Selin Parmaksiz/Jane Bodensteiner--1st place at 3rd doubles

Sophomore Football--Hardy's Hammer Hit of the game week 2

Michael Nale

Brian Hardy

Coaching Staff Profiles--Girls Tennis

Lauren O'Donnell--Head Coach
8 years in Special Education Department, District Transition Specialist
Hobbies:  attend spin and yoga classes

Scott Newmark--Assistant Coach
5 years in World Language Department
Hobbies:  playing any sport

Jamie O'Donnell--Assistant Girls and Boys Coach
11.5 years in Special Education Department
Hobbies:  tennis, exercising(running, biking, lifting), fishing, hunting, home remodeling, woodworking, playing music, going to concerts

Friday, September 1, 2017

Week #3

PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance)
Last year the athletic department introduced athletes, coaches, and parents through workshops to the general idea of PCA.  All of these groups took concepts and knowledge of their specific workshops and applied to their specific sport and student/athlete.  For this school year, we have enhanced the use of the concepts from PCA into each and every sports programs and level of play. The motto for this year is "Better Athletes, Better People"

For athletes, there is 1 word associated with becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor, and that word is "BETTER".  On three different levels athletes can get better:  self, teammates, and the game.  For self, is when the competitor makes themselves better by pursuing personal mastery.  For teammates, it is about making those around you better.  Finally, for the game, the athlete competes by a code of Honoring the Game which makes the game itself better.

For athletes and coaches, the first area of focus is referred to as the ELM TREE OF MASTERY.  The E represents Effort, give your best all the time.  The L stands for Learning and improving, focus on what you can take away to get better.  Lastly, the M is about bouncing back from Mistakes, how you respond to mistakes and setbacks.  The next area of focus is having athletes and coaches Fill Emotional Tanks.  We talk about to achieve optimum performance that comes from about a 5:1 ratio of tank-fillers to criticisms.  Tank-fillers can be verbal/nonverbal, extended interactions, or quic hits that take virtually no time.  The last area are the ROOTS of honoring the game.  This describes behavior that makes the game better.  Respecting the rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self.

What Parents Need to Know About HS Sports
1) High School sports involve a lot of time and effort.  Help your athlete plan and set priorities.  Don't allow shortcuts in sleep and nutrition.  Encourage building in "down time".
2) High School athletes  are smack in the middle of a transition to adulthood.  Encourage independence and the responsibility that goes with it.  Respect your athlete's choices. Just listen.  Communicate support.
3) High School sports programs have a chain of authority.  Assume good will.  Recognize who is in charge.  Help your athlete advocate for him/herself.
4) High School sports is a very public stage.  Maintain a second-goal focus at all times.  Focus on your athlete's efforts rather than the outcome.  Keep the lines of communication open.  Help your athlete keep sports in proper perspective.

High School sports can be stressful at time, but it can also be a glorious time of growth and change for the student-athlete. With the support of coaches and parents working for the good of the athlete that is what blossoms a good experience and prepares them for life.

Schedule of Events for the week of September 5th

Past week successes
Girls Swimming--moved to 2-0 tonight with a win over BG. We broke three pool records—the medley relay, as well as Emily Bolger breaking both her 50 and 100 free records. We won every event at the meet tonight except diving and the 200 free, and had a number of best times. 

Girls Cross Country--Both JV and VAR teams were victorious against the Knights Tuesday to kick off the 2017 girls cross country season.  Fremd JV defeated Prospect 22-34 with Lucy Jiang winning followed by Norah Odle 3rd, Emma Odle 5th, Linda Iannuzzelli 6th and Audrey Klink 7th. On the varsity level, Fremd's strong pack of Nupur Pokharkar 2nd, Rebecca Markham 3rd, Marisa Ban 4th, Hannah Ban 5th, and Julia Finegan 7th led the team to a decisive 21-35 win over Prospect.   Fremd heads to Fenton Saturday for the Early Bird Invitational

Sophomore Football--Hardy's Hammer Hit Award for best hit of the game.  Anthony Villano

Coaching Staff Profile--Boys and Girls Golf

Christine Vlaming--Head Girls Golf Coach
16 years in the Physical Education Department
Hobbies:  spending time with family, being outdoors, cooking, yoga

Jeremy Malinowski--Assistant Girls Golf and Girls Lacrosse Coach
18 years in the Art Department
Hobbies:  fishing, camping, cooking/BBQ, traveling and spending time with family and friends

Ryan Moreau--Head Boys Golf Coach
8 years in the Science Department
Hobbies:  golf, traveling, and cooking

David Strykowski
3 years in the Business Department
Hobbies:  fishing, golf, music, hockey, scuba diving

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Week #2

South Field Renovations
The south field renovation project began when the baseball season had concluded around late-May.. They started the project near the back of the home football bleachers and have moved west ever since.  They installed a huge underground drainage system that is located in the northeast portion of the space.  See pictures provided.  The first picture is how the area looked before any digging took place,  the middle picture is of them installing the drainage storage area, and the third is what the entire system looks like.
This is where a majority of the water will flow to and be held there until drained out.

.The next phase was to carve out where the new softball field will be, the practice field between softball and baseball, and finally tearing up the existing baseball field to install drainage tiles and irrigation.  Picture on left is of softball, and the one on the right is baseball dug up.

The east side of the project is at the point that topsoil is being put back over all the drainage and irrigation, while moving west they are still installing tiles and more irrigation.  The goal is to start laying footings soon and seed in early-September.  What great improvements for not only Varsity baseball and softball but for other teams that will be able to utilize the field, including track, lacrosse, and soccer.

The schedule of events for the week of August 28th

Joe Marcin--Head Girls Cross Country and Assistant Track Coach
9 years at Fremd in Special Education and Science
Hobbies:  Anything outside--especially fishing

Jim Guest-Assistant Girls Cross Country  and Track Coach
17 years at Fremd in Drivers and Physical Education Departments
Hobbies:  reading, fishing, working out, spending time with my family

Darius Sanchez-Head Boys Cross Country/Assistant Track Coach
12 years in Science Department
Hobbies:  fishing, hunting, trap shooting, Brewers Baseball, family time

Matt Winter-Assistant Boys Cross Country/Track Coach
3 years at Fremd in Science Department
Hobbies:  traveling and playing golf

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Week #1

Viking Athletic Department Philosophy

Fremd High School believes that a dynamic program of student activities is important to the overall development of the student.  The Fremd High School Athletic Department provides a variety of experiences to promote in student-athletes positive attitudes and habits that will prepare them for adult life after high school.  The Athletic Department encourages all students to participate in as many different interscholastic sports as possible.  Twenty-nine sports teams are offered to students who have the physical skills and appropriate attitude for their respect sport.
Participation on an athletic team is a privilege. Young people learn a great deal from participation in interscholastic athletics.  Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to win and lose gracefully are integral aspects of our athletic program. As athletes, students will be committed to themselves, their teammates, and to the athletic program to follow the rules and expectations of being an athlete.

The coaches of Fremd High School are expected to be positive role models on and off the playing venue.  They will exhibit positive behavior, show great leadership, and display an in-depth knowledge of their particular sport.   Coaches will strive to create an environment that is positive, student-athletes can thrive, and athletes are prepared for their future path.
Interscholastic sports are a true avenue to teach and practice good citizenship.  To this, winning and losing are important only when considered in the context of how we play the game and how coaches, student-athletes, and parents represent ourselves and the school under the pressure of competition.

Schedule for the upcoming week
Day Date Time Activity Versus Location
Mon 08/21/2017 3:30pm Golf:  Girls Varsity & JV  Multiple Schools Palatine Hills GC
Mon 08/21/2017 5:00pm Soccer:  Boys FB & JV1 Glenbrook South Glenbrook South HS
Mon 08/21/2017 5:00pm Soccer:  Boys FA & JV2 Glenbrook South Fremd HS
Mon 08/21/2017 7:00pm Soccer:  Boys Varsity   Glenbrook South Glenbrook South HS
Tue 08/22/2017 3:30pm Golf:  Girls JV & V Multiple Schools Palatine Hills GC
Tue 08/22/2017 3:30pm Golf:  Boys JV & V Away vs. Multiple Schools Bridges of Pop Creek CG
Tue 08/22/2017 4:30pm Soccer:  Boys FB Stevenson Fremd HS
Thu 08/24/2017 3:30pm Golf Girls JV & V Away vs. Multiple Schools Arlington Lakes GC
Thu 08/24/2017 3:30pm Golf:  Boys JV & V Multiple Schools Hilldale GC
Thu 08/24/2017 4:45pm Tennis:  Girls V & FS  John Hersey High School Hersey HS
Thu 08/24/2017 4:45pm Tennis:  Girls FS & JV  John Hersey High School Fremd HS
Thu 08/24/2017 5:00pm Swimming and Diving:  All Libertyville Fremd HS-Diving only
Thu 08/24/2017 5:00pm Swimming and Diving:  All Libertyville Libertyville HS
Fri 08/25/2017 3:00pm Tennis:  Girls V Away vs. Multiple Schools Winnetka PD
Fri 08/25/2017 3:30pm Golf:  Girls V & JV Away vs. Multiple Schools Arlington Lakes GC
Fri 08/25/2017 4:30pm Soccer:  Boys FA Benet Academy Benet Academy HS
Fri 08/25/2017 4:45pm Soccer:  Boys JV1   Wheeling High School Wheeling HS
Fri 08/25/2017 5:00pm Football:  JV   Lake Zurich Fremd HS
Fri 08/25/2017 7:30pm Football:  Varsity   Lake Zurich Fremd HS
Fri 08/25/2017 8:00pm Soccer:  Boys Varsity   Wheeling High School Celtic Park
Sat 08/26/2017 8:30am Tennis:  Girls Varsity   Away vs. Multiple Schools Winnetka Park District
Sat 08/26/2017 9:00am Football:  Freshman A   Lake Zurich Fremd HS
Sat 08/26/2017 11:00am Football:  Varsity B  Huntley Fremd HS

Athletic Department Staff Profiles

David Dick-Athletic Director
5 years at Fremd
Hobbies:  Golf, spending time with family

Cari Maila-Administrative Assistant to AD
16 years at Fremd
Hobbies:  hiking, biking, cross country skiing, spending time with family

Judy Leach-Athletic Clerk
19 years at Fremd
Hobbies:  attending and watching local bands

Christi Parsons-Athletic Coordinator
11 years at Fremd working in Family Consumer Science Department
Hobbies: cooking, interior designing, watching movies, traveling

Josh Cattero-Event Supervisor
9 years at Fremd-Building Construction and Geometry Construction teacher
Hobbies:  reading, golfing, snowboarding, working out

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