Thursday, August 24, 2017

Week #2

South Field Renovations
The south field renovation project began when the baseball season had concluded around late-May.. They started the project near the back of the home football bleachers and have moved west ever since.  They installed a huge underground drainage system that is located in the northeast portion of the space.  See pictures provided.  The first picture is how the area looked before any digging took place,  the middle picture is of them installing the drainage storage area, and the third is what the entire system looks like.
This is where a majority of the water will flow to and be held there until drained out.

.The next phase was to carve out where the new softball field will be, the practice field between softball and baseball, and finally tearing up the existing baseball field to install drainage tiles and irrigation.  Picture on left is of softball, and the one on the right is baseball dug up.

The east side of the project is at the point that topsoil is being put back over all the drainage and irrigation, while moving west they are still installing tiles and more irrigation.  The goal is to start laying footings soon and seed in early-September.  What great improvements for not only Varsity baseball and softball but for other teams that will be able to utilize the field, including track, lacrosse, and soccer.

The schedule of events for the week of August 28th

Joe Marcin--Head Girls Cross Country and Assistant Track Coach
9 years at Fremd in Special Education and Science
Hobbies:  Anything outside--especially fishing

Jim Guest-Assistant Girls Cross Country  and Track Coach
17 years at Fremd in Drivers and Physical Education Departments
Hobbies:  reading, fishing, working out, spending time with my family

Darius Sanchez-Head Boys Cross Country/Assistant Track Coach
12 years in Science Department
Hobbies:  fishing, hunting, trap shooting, Brewers Baseball, family time

Matt Winter-Assistant Boys Cross Country/Track Coach
3 years at Fremd in Science Department
Hobbies:  traveling and playing golf

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