Friday, September 1, 2017

Week #3

PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance)
Last year the athletic department introduced athletes, coaches, and parents through workshops to the general idea of PCA.  All of these groups took concepts and knowledge of their specific workshops and applied to their specific sport and student/athlete.  For this school year, we have enhanced the use of the concepts from PCA into each and every sports programs and level of play. The motto for this year is "Better Athletes, Better People"

For athletes, there is 1 word associated with becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor, and that word is "BETTER".  On three different levels athletes can get better:  self, teammates, and the game.  For self, is when the competitor makes themselves better by pursuing personal mastery.  For teammates, it is about making those around you better.  Finally, for the game, the athlete competes by a code of Honoring the Game which makes the game itself better.

For athletes and coaches, the first area of focus is referred to as the ELM TREE OF MASTERY.  The E represents Effort, give your best all the time.  The L stands for Learning and improving, focus on what you can take away to get better.  Lastly, the M is about bouncing back from Mistakes, how you respond to mistakes and setbacks.  The next area of focus is having athletes and coaches Fill Emotional Tanks.  We talk about to achieve optimum performance that comes from about a 5:1 ratio of tank-fillers to criticisms.  Tank-fillers can be verbal/nonverbal, extended interactions, or quic hits that take virtually no time.  The last area are the ROOTS of honoring the game.  This describes behavior that makes the game better.  Respecting the rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self.

What Parents Need to Know About HS Sports
1) High School sports involve a lot of time and effort.  Help your athlete plan and set priorities.  Don't allow shortcuts in sleep and nutrition.  Encourage building in "down time".
2) High School athletes  are smack in the middle of a transition to adulthood.  Encourage independence and the responsibility that goes with it.  Respect your athlete's choices. Just listen.  Communicate support.
3) High School sports programs have a chain of authority.  Assume good will.  Recognize who is in charge.  Help your athlete advocate for him/herself.
4) High School sports is a very public stage.  Maintain a second-goal focus at all times.  Focus on your athlete's efforts rather than the outcome.  Keep the lines of communication open.  Help your athlete keep sports in proper perspective.

High School sports can be stressful at time, but it can also be a glorious time of growth and change for the student-athlete. With the support of coaches and parents working for the good of the athlete that is what blossoms a good experience and prepares them for life.

Schedule of Events for the week of September 5th

Past week successes
Girls Swimming--moved to 2-0 tonight with a win over BG. We broke three pool records—the medley relay, as well as Emily Bolger breaking both her 50 and 100 free records. We won every event at the meet tonight except diving and the 200 free, and had a number of best times. 

Girls Cross Country--Both JV and VAR teams were victorious against the Knights Tuesday to kick off the 2017 girls cross country season.  Fremd JV defeated Prospect 22-34 with Lucy Jiang winning followed by Norah Odle 3rd, Emma Odle 5th, Linda Iannuzzelli 6th and Audrey Klink 7th. On the varsity level, Fremd's strong pack of Nupur Pokharkar 2nd, Rebecca Markham 3rd, Marisa Ban 4th, Hannah Ban 5th, and Julia Finegan 7th led the team to a decisive 21-35 win over Prospect.   Fremd heads to Fenton Saturday for the Early Bird Invitational

Sophomore Football--Hardy's Hammer Hit Award for best hit of the game.  Anthony Villano

Coaching Staff Profile--Boys and Girls Golf

Christine Vlaming--Head Girls Golf Coach
16 years in the Physical Education Department
Hobbies:  spending time with family, being outdoors, cooking, yoga

Jeremy Malinowski--Assistant Girls Golf and Girls Lacrosse Coach
18 years in the Art Department
Hobbies:  fishing, camping, cooking/BBQ, traveling and spending time with family and friends

Ryan Moreau--Head Boys Golf Coach
8 years in the Science Department
Hobbies:  golf, traveling, and cooking

David Strykowski
3 years in the Business Department
Hobbies:  fishing, golf, music, hockey, scuba diving

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